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Need Help To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin? Here’s How

If your skin gets red and irritated easily, does it mean you have sensitive skin? Our skin is naturally sensitive to the environment to some extent, but some people may experience sensitivity more than others.

Sensitive skin is not really a skin type, but rather a condition caused by several factors. Some of the more common signs of sensitive skin are dry or flaky patches, itchy skin, and redness. In some cases, fragrances or perfume may also irritate one’s skin.

Here are some useful tips that may help you take care of sensitive skin:

1) Read The Label

Choose skincare that is formulated for sensitive skin. Go for products that are dermatologically tested, and have the following features: a hypoallergenic formulation, pH-balanced, and skin barrier-protecting qualities. When in doubt, always opt for skincare that contain no paraben, no mineral oil, no colourant, no alcohol, and no fragrance.

2) Understand The Needs Of Your Skin

When it comes to anti-ageing needs, taking care of them is a little more challenging for those with sensitive skin. You would want to get rid of fine lines, firm up your skin or even out your skin tone, but your sensitive skin may not agree with the ingredients in certain anti-ageing products. As a result, most will care for their skin’s sensitivity first, rather than resolve their ageing concerns.

However, why compromise when you can fulfil both the needs of sensitive and ageing skin? Look no further, and consider the Nutox Youth Restoring Range. This revolutionary anti-ageing solution is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It comes with the powerful tried-and-tested ingredients of bird’s nest extract and Actigenic+, which repair the skin’s structure and speed up the skin’s production of collagen. Furthermore, it contains gentler base ingredients that won’t trigger skin’s sensitivity.

3) Wash Your Face, Prep Your Skin

It is important to hydrate your skin no matter what, as it helps maintain your skin’s elasticity, keeping it plump and supple. Practice your skincare routine daily and pay extra attention when cleansing and prepping your skin.

It is recommended to cleanse your skin twice daily. However, vigorous scrubbing is unnecessary. You may opt for Nutox Youth Restoring Cleansing Gel. Unlike most cleansing gels, this product is dermatologically tested and has a hypoallergenic formula that is specially made for sensitive skin. This mild, pH-balanced cleansing gel also comes with bird’s nest extract and Actigenic+, with other gentler base ingredients to soothe and care for sensitive skin. Plus, it contains botanical extracts that cleanse skin without stripping away its natural moisture, and delicately lift away impurities without aggravating fine lines. Above all, it contains no paraben, no fragrance, no colourant, no mineral oil, and no alcohol.

Prepping and toning is another step that’s indispensable for delicate, sensitive skin. Always go for a treatment lotion that protects and restores, like Nutox Youth Restoring Treatment Lotion. It is pH-balanced with skin barrier-protecting qualities, and also has strong anti-ageing benefits. Enhancing the strength of one’s skin barrier is extremely crucial as it gives the skin a layer of protection that defends it against all external allergens.

4) Choose The Right Serum

Not all anti-ageing serums are made for sensitive skin. Hence, many women have no choice but to prioritise caring for their skin’s sensitivity over anti-ageing. With the Nutox Youth Restoring Advanced Serum Concentrate, you don’t have to compromise. it comes with a revolutionary anti-ageing formula that is suitable for sensitive skin, as the formula banishes signs of ageing while keeping skin soothed and irritation-free. This wonderful and gentle serum is enriched with bird’s nest extract and Actigenic+, which help speed up the production of skin’s natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

5) Minimise The Exposure To The Sun

The sun’s heat can trigger sensitivity and damage skin cells, which may lead to signs of ageing. Try to avoid harmful UV rays by wearing protective gear and sunscreen with a high SPF. To prevent sensitive reactions and signs of ageing from developing, dermatologists recommend pairing your moisturiser with sunscreen.

For those with sensitive skin, you may consider the Nutox Youth Restoring Moisture Emulsion SPF 30 PA+. This ultra-lightweight daytime moisturiser is formulated for sensitive skin and has the power to fight signs of ageing. Encapsulated with organic UV filters, it is not only gentle on your sensitive skin, but also allows your skin to breathe freely while protecting it against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Feel the tender loving care (TLC) from this moisturiser that keeps your skin young, all without causing irritation.